December 20, 2022 at 7:41 pm #5225
loki hornsbyloki hornsby

I think considering this is a commercial product $79 is an acceptible price in terms of buisiness (infact i’d say ramp it up to $100 for buisiness liscenses because i know how hard it is to make software – especially software that works haha 😉 )

In terms of personal usage however i think the price is a bit steep. If your an experienced animator i believe this tool (after some polishing) is definetly worth its price. However if your starting out and want to get into animation (like me) i think it’s worth using other software until your confident since $79 is (in my opinion) a very steap price for a beginner.

If you don’t mind me asking have you thought of making a personal edition? Maybe it would include a watermark requirement in the liscense and a quick startup animation showing “made with Animation Paper” at the start of any exported media?
At the minute i only plan to use this software for its timeline, onion skinning, audio scrubbing, and general drawing (Although i’m not sure if this software includes colour yet…). Maybe you could reduce some features and include an ad to buy the software at startup aswell?

PS: I’d say don’t strip any features at all and just have the watermark and an ad but i’m not sure if that’s realistic 😀