January 5, 2023 at 8:44 am #5270
Niels Krogh MortensenNiels

Hi Loki, thanks for this!

Actually we do have some unfinished areas of AP regarding the frame number turning red. It was supposed to turn red if it can’t keep up the frame rate when playing. However it does not work correctly – also when it is no problem at all to keep up. So it is just not reliable right now. 😉

But of course, if you are experiencing things running slow, then this is interesting and something I want to investigate.

First of all, previously reported slowness is usually always about overusing the lasso. Do you use the lasso? Using the lasso a lot will make picking up a lasso slow on that specific drawing. Also undo’ing it will be slow.

We actually just finished a new feature that can “collapse” the build up data – solving the problem. But that doesn’t help you now. It would be interesting for me to examine your .ap file – would you mind emailing it to me? (or a link to it – I’m guessing it is quite large)? This will help me figuring out where the problem is – so we can solve it. My email address is the one you got your activation key from (because of spam-bots I will rather not write my address publicly here).