January 5, 2023 at 1:27 pm #5275
loki hornsbyloki hornsby

Hi Niels,
Glad to hear that my PC specs are not the problem haha 😉 (it’s been running a bit slow recently for reasons i have not worked out yet)

Believe it or not i don’t actually use the lasso tool that frequently – infact i’ve only used it a couple of times in this file. However it appears that “rough” drawings i produce contribute heavily towards this slowness – i think as you said in the aforementioned post this is because the software is creating and destroying a lot of vectors. Would it be tangible to only load part of the file data at a time for larger animations (i’m talking like over 5000 frames since i plan to make very large animations) – thus allowing you to swap to different “sections” of the animation?

I’d like to note that the playback meters “redness” also seems to be affected partially by how large the range (the adjustable slider at the bottom) is set below – if i set it to 100 frames as opposed to 2000 it will mostly appear white – however playback will still remain slow and uncoordinated to audio.

Additionally i’ve found this redness problem only started occuring after i was loading a file with more drawings in it than last time – however the speed of the software would be fine whilst i was adding all of these drawings.

I’m not sure if those last 2 points help but worth mentioning now that i’ve discovered them just incase 😉

(I have emailed the link to your personal email)