January 5, 2023 at 2:40 pm #5277
loki hornsbyloki hornsby

Hi Niels!
Haha thankyou 😀 – however i’m no artist yet by any means (more of a programmer/game dev but i’d like to branch out just for the fun of it).

Oh i’ve just noticed the file i sent you has the range slider at the bottom altered so i will resend it with all the frames available – sorry about that!

I tested earlier and that file even with the lower frames is still out of sync which is certainly strange. I even tried discarding the audio and reimporting it but this didn’t change anything – infact i think it might of made it worse haha (woops :P). I’ve also just tried testing the sync now and playing the audio twice appears to make the effect worse – this could just be a placebo however.

Could it be my monitor? (again i doubt but worth putting)
I’m actually using a widescreen TV (i believe paired with a VGA adapter) because i can’t afford a monitor – its resolution is 1360 x 768 which i find some software and games have (for lack of a better phrase) a hissy fit with 😛

Thankyou for the quick response Niels ~ loving the software so far – the simplicity definetly does not go underappreciated ;D