January 5, 2023 at 6:13 pm #5283
loki hornsbyloki hornsby

Ah! cheers niels – i am actually aware of this feature so don’t worry i plan to use it later on – but for now i tend to use clones because they;
A. Allow me to adjust timing on the fly and create longer moments in animation
B. Can be turned into originals at any moment
C. They allow me to create frames further down the animation to match up to music (Similar to A)

As for repetitive actions like the text saying “Ok, let’s try this again” i actually just redraw it because it’s good practise for me to learn positioning of elements.

However i do wonder have you considered the option to add “empty” frames instead of clones? This would remove the need for clones (other then if we copy and paste another empty frame) and mean you could use multiple of those buttons (the one that is either a circle or a line or a jagged line depending on how many times you clicked it) to define what to display in the empty frames. However i’m not sure what this would mean for the “Make Original” option or if that’s an optimised solution.

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