April 10, 2020 at 3:30 pm #2347
Cher PCher

Hi Alain,

I’m on iMac OS Mojave, if this helps. Even up to now the pen pressure doesn’t work whenever I open AP, but by doing either “Add blank drawing” (Command + Arrow Down) or “Insert blank drawing” (Cmd + Arrow Up) makes the pen pressure to work. I’ve been getting used with this that before I start working, I draw a line first just to see the pen pressure (not working), so I’d delete that drawing, and just do this ‘technique’ (Add/Insert blank drawing for now), so that I don’t need to draw a lot just to make the pen pressure work.

As for the Wacom pen settings, if this helps also. I didn’t change anything specifically for AP, just the default setting.

Hope there’s another way that will work for you too.

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