April 24, 2020 at 5:33 am #2565
Kuya JaypiKuya Jaypi

I am testing alpha version 2 right now. Nice update!

Here are some additional suggestions:
18) Mirroring the whole canvas would be great to get a fresh look and see the mistakes faster.
19) Resizing the brush with a bigger limit:
the reason for this is that I usually draw my gestures like a silhouette.
I even use the lasso tool and airbrush for it sometimes.
20) A smudge tool would be super amazing!
I plan on animating paintings in your software. I know that you want to keep the program simple and but I don’t really use many tools to work with and they aren’t very fancy either.
I usually just use a hardbrush (which is already included), Airbrush, a smudge brush, the Lasso selection tool and the delete key to delete what’s in the selection.
I recorded a small gif of the painting process and an example of my work:
21) Colorwheel and Color picker

I know I am asking for a lot of things,
but I love the work you put into this masterpiece
and I would love to work in this software as I am streaming without having to swap back and forth between Animationpaper and Photoshop. From what I read in the other threads, I saw that even a circular selection tool is too different from what you were aiming for and I understand that.
I just want keep my hopes up as you may be creating the tool I have always been looking for.

Keep up the great work!