July 20, 2021 at 2:50 pm #3786
kaye tkaye t

Actually, Niels, yes, you answered most of the questions and your explanation was most certainly understandable, thank you.

Since such information was not mentioned on your training video, thus I wasn’t aware that tracing or transferring to later trace required less data.

Also, being new at this form of art, learned how to water paint 3yrs ago and managing well – a few sales. Being an illustrator was one of my dreams, next to becoming a writer, sold a few books… so, yes, with teaching myself, I’m learning plenty with hands on 🙂 I look toward integrating my animations with my paintings and photography.

Thanks for your reply… look toward the newest release.

Many thanks.. and I’ll send file to you now…it’s another laptop.

Best, kaye

PS, not so crazy, clearly understood.