Smell the Roses

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Get your imagination going… take a few deep breaths… close your eyes… – wait, don’t do that. 🙂 Read on…

Enjoy drawing the rough blue lines over layers of red layouts, do keys and breakdowns, turn on your real time light table, quickly move drawings around, refine your x-sheet timing to perfection, clean up in black ink zoomed in and rotated – and get the most beautiful hand drawn lines and expressive animation you can ever do. Feel your computer and tablet pen become a true extension of your creative self. Experience the freedom of animating without constraints.


That’s how we imagine using the basic features of Animation Paper. It is going to be awesome!

Quickly sketch out ideas – working rough

As a 2D animator creating hand drawn animation like this, you’ll appreciate your characters (or what ever it is you are doing) come to life with a fantastic result in its own right. However, this application will also be the ideal part of a full production pipeline for doing complete motion pictures, games or so much more. Even Maya-, Max- or other 3D-animators, live action film makers, visual effects artists, stop motion animators, storyboarders and artists of all techniques and trades will benefit tremendously from being able to quickly rough out ideas and plan in Animation Paper before going back working in their own medium of choice.

This tool will be build from the ground up as a native OS X Mac app. After that, plans are to do Animation Paper for Windows and a portable version for iPad too. [2016 PLANS ARE TO DO BOTH PC AND MAC VERSIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY]

13 Comments on “Smell the Roses”

  1. Great to see you guys back in action. This time on OS X too! Awesome.
    Is there any chance you’ll be developing for Android tablets? Especially since iPad doesn’t inherently have any pressure sensitive stylus functionality, and for example my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 does.

  2. I am planning to buy a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus that adds 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity to the iPad. Animaton Paper and iPad = great success!

    I have tested TV Paint on my Android tablet Galaxy Note 10.1 and it was a dream. Not the price though.. 🙁 ….

    1. Honestly. It’s not really worth it. The experience is mediocre. It’s nothing compare to an actual active digitizer. But if its the only tool you have, it’s definitely a step up from just your finger.

  3. PLEASE HELP I have a Monprice tablet and it works fine on all other computer functions and programs including photoshop, as far as calibration and pressure etc, but on PAP4 The cursor is offset an inch to the right and I hate it. How do I fix it.

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Sorry this is a known problem. I remember there was a workaround “fix” for this – it included something about a textfile with a number for an offset – but I must admit I can’t remember the details. Maybe someone remembers the trick?

      A real fix for this problem was never made, since we stopped the development of the old PAP. Of course with Animation Paper this will not be an issue.

  4. Becky,
    A text file called ‘wacomoffset.txt’ should be placed in the same directory as the PAP.exe file. Inside you just type two numbers (can be negative or positive), separated by a space, representing the x and y offset values. For instance, since your cursor is off by an inch to the right, you might try: “-50 0” to offset the cursor fifty pixels leftward. If you’re using a nonstandard orientation the numbers get wonky; you’ll have to trial-and-error it.
    Good luck!

  5. Hello Niels

    I just wanted to say thank you for your free contribution to animation in the form of PAP. Im not an expert at animation and hopefully will get the hang of it one day.

    Just wanted to give a few suggestions if you take them 🙂

    1. Implementation of vector like lines or an ink pen that has a consistency similar to it.
    2. Blending tools, just for those times I can smudge/smooth out the hard cel colors.
    3. PSD/Flash/gif export.

    These aren’t great suggestions but I do hope they help.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen 🙂

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