Quick update! Alpha 6.1

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We just released a quick update, to get an annoying bug out of the way. So, Alpha 6.1 is now ready for you to download...


If you didn't get the previous release, check out the list of news in Alpha 6.

For this quick update - the list of news since previous release is short:

  • Option for various checkered backgrounds

    This is mostly preparing for the coloring features that are coming later. In addition to white, black and two shades of grey as the paper background, you can now choose between two sizes of checker patterns in two sets of grey.

  • Place Tool Bar at Opposite Side

    Before the Tool Bar was dependent on where the X-Sheet was - i.e. always opposite the X-Sheet. But now the Tool Bar can be independently set at any side.

  • Play/Stop Button

    When you hit the Play button it now changes its look to a Stop button. It works the same as before - just with better signalling.

  • Multiple features now work with a selection of drawings

    If you multi-select a number of drawings (in the X-Sheet, click the first thumbnail, hold Shift and click the last thumbnail) - you can now do things to all the selected drawings in one go. When you have multiple drawings selected the function "Add Clone Drawing" is now called "Add Clone after each Selected Drawing". This can be used for setting all the drawings on 2's.

    There's also "Add Blank after each Selected Drawing" and more. Pretty self-explanatory.

  • Line bug

    We fixed a few bugs too. The most annoying is that the line you draw, only become visible after you lift your pen finishing your stroke. This happened after you used Return-Flip. Sorry for that stupid bug hidden in plain sight. Fixed now. 😉

That was it for now. Please remember to spread the word about Animation Paper! This is how we get more people testing and using our software. Also consider posting your work on social media with #AnimationPaper.

Thank you!
Niels Krogh Mortensen

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