Alpha 7

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Why not just get this small update out, so you can test and enjoy - while we relax on our summer holiday 😉 Here's Alpha 7 for you...


This is what's new:

  • Export Open Cell Animation (OCA)

    Animation Paper now supports the OCA format. It's an open format, that eases the exchange of hand-drawn animation between different applications - both commercial and free.

    OCA holds vital x-sheet info like layers, timing (exposure and reused drawings), color, transparency, framerate and more.

    With a free Add-On you can easily import your Animation Paper work into After Effects, Blender or Krita. Add-Ons for Photoshop, TV-Paint and others are in the works too.

  • Export OpenEXR

    Many studios prefer OpenEXR as their file format. Now you have a choice between PNG or OpenEXR when exporting your frames.

  • Right Click Context Menus for the X-Sheet

    Easily reach all relevant Tools and Options for the X-Sheet. Right click your mouse - or the corresponding button on your pen - to open this drop down menu. It is context sensitive, so clicking over a drawing (thumbnail), a layer, or somewhere else in the X-Sheet pane, will give you different options.

  • One more option for Adjusting pen Size and Opacity

    You already have several efficient ways of adjusting your current pen size or opacity, such as holding down D on your keyboard. But now there's one more way of doing it for those who prefers this method better. Just hold Ctrl (on Windows or Linux) or Cmd (on Mac) and drag left/right to adjust the size - or up/down to adjust the opacity. This workflow method is fast, but not as accurate as the D method, because you are controlling both your minimum and maximum pressure setting in one go.

  • Bug-fixes and improvements

    As usual, we crushed a few bugs too.

Now go download Alpha 7 and enjoy! If you stumble across any weird behaviour or bug - don't hesitate to let us know. We can only get issues fixed if we are aware they even exist.

I wish you all an enjoyable July! We will be back soon - stearing towards beta!

Niels Krogh Mortensen

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