Trying out Animation Paper

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Young animator, youtuber and huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan, TrippleJaz, just published his second video on Animation Paper.

Jaz's first impressions were captured on this 1 hour livestream... Spoiler Alert! He turns out to be quite excited about Animation Paper! Understandably he is not familiar with every feature, but I can't blame him - he literally just received an early test version for the first time, minutes before he went live with it. πŸ˜€

Nonetheless, for all of you waiting for the pre-release, in the meantime, I think you will find his video interesting. Watch...

Today TrippleJaz published his second video (15 mins), briefly touching on features he missed the first time. Enjoy:

Thanks to TrippleJaz for letting me show his videos here. For more TrippleJaz, here's his Youtube Channel.

Development continues to progress very well! I am excited and looking forward to letting all who signed up download our pre-release very soon now!

Niels KM

6 Comments on “Trying out Animation Paper”

  1. Parker Groves

    Hi Niels! It’s great to see that Animation Paper is so close to its pre-release! However I have a question: I don’t know why, but when I tried to sign up, the website told me I couldn’t use my email to do it and to contact my network administrator. I don’t know if this is a glitch or if my internet service provider is acting up (I’m using a Cricket hotspot to get my computer online). Do you know what could be the problem? Thanks!

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Hi Parker, thanks for letting me know! I have no idea why it would do that. Must look into it. I was thinking that you maybe had signed up before, but I checked and your email is not already on the list. Strange.

      If you try once more, please get back to me if the problem persists – then I can add you manually.


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