Eating milestones for breakfast!

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As we continue our steady progress we are now over half way through our alpha stage tests - currently preparing to release our 4th alpha version for our internal testers.

Our internal test team is a small group of some of the best and most experienced animators. They are very impressed with AP so far (he says with pride and some amount of relief! Hehe :D).

And... Finally, we are now far enough to dare announcing a "date" for the beta! - See below...

Less important details just to prolong the suspense: We recently finished lots of advanced X-Sheet functionality, reference layers for video/rotoscoping or 3D reference, copy/paste of connected drawings (clones), off-the-pegs feature, etc, etc. AP has our awesome line drawing engine, with great advantages, like lines don't degrade when copied, moved or scaled. Layers are fully in place. Light-table (onion skinning) is good. Everything works super fast and realtime - on both PC and Mac. I promise you, animating with Animation Paper is so much fun!!

We continue implementing the remaining planned features (like coloring) - and if all goes as we expect, we will reach beta stage this August!

That means! If you are amongst the many people who've already signed up on the front page of this site - you will automatically be invited to try or buy our pre-release (beta version) as soon as it is ready in August!

If you're not on the list yet, no worries, there's still time to sign up for the beta here.

You’ll then get the option to test it for free (trial), or, to buy the full license pre-release. If you choose to buy ($79 USD), you will of course get upgraded for free to the fully tested final version, when it is released a few months later.

To be clear: If you previously signed up at the home page of this site, you are already on the list for the pre-release. No need to sign up again.

14 Comments on “Eating milestones for breakfast!”

  1. Ernest Skocdopole

    Just a reminder for some people (like myself) who might think I was signed up already from about a year or more ago; I tried to leave a comment and tried to log in, but the system did not appear to have my email or username in the system. So, I re-signed up to be in the beta again. No one wants to miss out on this great piece of software and we need to support Niels and his team. Can’t wait until August!!

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Thanks Ernest 🙂 It is two different systems. If you signed up a year ago, you are on the list.

      But, the system that handles the comments on this blog has been updated and in that process email adresses of previous commenters like yourself has unfortunately been lost from that isolated system. Again, the sign up list is safe. Thanks for bringing it up though.

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      And PAP was created in 1996! We stopped development around 2006. It continues to amaze me that it still is used be so many people! And at the same time I’m so much looking forward to show the world how much better the modern version is!!

  2. Scott Robinson

    I would like Walt Disney Animation Studios to start using the Animation Paper App when its Beta or its Final version is released so it can test of reviving hand-drawn animation for the big screen and make hand-drawn animated movies again.

  3. Druyman

    Hi, Niels.

    I can’t wait to try the Beta version of Animation Paper. For now, I love OpenToonz more every day, although it still has some bugs and it crash sometimes. Precisely, what I want from Animation Paper is affordable software that is robust, fast and reliable.

    I want to make a suggestion, if you allow me: I don’t know if you have seen the onion skin of OpenToonz, which I find very versatile and comfortable ( ). It allows not only to activate de display of the range of previous and subsequent drawings that you want, but also to choose precisely which frames you want to see from that range.

    In addition, it offers a very useful feature, which is to be able to choose specific drawings that will be visible regardless of where we are located in the timeline or even if they are out of that range. This is very comfortable, for example to have activated a specific frame that serves as a reference of volumes or to create a cycle that begins and ends in that drawing. I know that this can be done with layers, copying and pasting, or coping the first drawing and pasting it at the end of our cycle, but it is really quick to simply activate one or several drawings and be able to move through the timeline with them visible.

    I know it’s possibly too late to make this request, but I think it would be very interesting if you thought of including these useful features in the onion skin of Animation Paper.
    Anyway, thanks so much for your and your team efforts.


    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Hi Duyman,

      Thanks a lot for your suggestion. You are right – we are set for what we include for the rest of the development period. However there will be updates after that, so… 🙂 And we will continue to be highly flexible all the way to the end, if stuff needs to change for good reasons.

      I checked out the video and read your remarks. I think I do understand your point. Actually we already have a feature working now, that might work for your needs. It’s not the same as you know from OpenToonz, but a continuation of something we had in the old PAP. You will be able to mark a drawing (as “key”). What this enables you to do are two things: One thing is that you will be able to only flip through your marked keys (skipping frames in between) – but that is not relevant for you in this regard. The second and more interesting thing is, that you can make the light table only show your marked keys. That means that you can at any time turn a frame on or off in the light table simply by marking/unmarking it as key by hitting your K key. The light table will only show a number of keys back and a number of keys forward. By updating which ones are keys, you can control your light table much more on a frame by frame basis. It’s not what you suggested, but maybe it will prove to work great for you. We’ll see. 🙂

      What do you think?


  4. Herb Montes

    Great to hear you are making progress. I have been working with Pap4 but have some issues with it. I’m drawing on a 22″ touch screen monitor at 1920×1080 resolution. This makes the on screen icons in the program very small and hard to read. I haven’t found a way to make them larger and more readable. I hope the new version does allow me to adjust the tool icons sizes for readability. Best of luck.


    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Thanks Herb – yeah, I know. PAP was designed in the mid 90’s, where 800×600 resolution was the norm. 😀 At some point we did double the icons in size, but still with evolution of monitors/resolution and PAP being kind of locked in to how we did it originally, you end up with this problem of yours – as do everybody else. I’m all too aware how bad this is.

      With the new development of Animation Paper from scratch, things are being done right. I’m looking forward to showing you and everybody else the new version, and let you get rid of the ancient PAP. 😉


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