Incredible Reception! Thank you! Alpha 2 coming up!

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We are through easter, chocolate eggs and two weeks with Alpha 1...

And WOW - your reception has been incredible!

Thank you for all your extraordinary positive comments and for your great feedback! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We have been busy implementing some of your excellent suggestions - so let's do a quick update next week already! This will be Alpha 2.

Also, welcome to all the new alpha testers who signed up after our Alpha 1 pre-release. You will be getting Alpha 2 as well. 🙂

New stuff coming up in Alpha 2 next week:

  • Holding space-bar now has a combined Move/Rotate/Zoom tool.
  • We have added numbers to the sliders when adjusting your draw and eraser tools (Size in px and Opacity in %).
  • The button for "Beyond Last Drawing" was not shown in the longest layer = confusing. Changed it. Better now.
  • The cross-hair cursor was quite subdued and hard to see. It's clearer now.
  • When zooming with the keyboard (+/- or the number keys) it is now centering on your cursor position.
  • You can now quickly toggle between A and B light table setting - using Shift Alt Space.
  • When stamping your floating selection, you can now hold Shift to keep the selection.
  • Mirroring buttons have been added to the floating selection interface.
  • You can now do expert flipping using Q and W keys (alternative to arrow keys). Q and W flip back and forth between originals (skipping held clones). Holding Alt, Q and W will flip through everything (not skip). Hit Caps Lock (toggle Keys Only Mode) to make Q and W flip only between marked Key drawings. Or you can hold Shift temporarily while flipping for easy reach of your Keys.
  • The cursor now better shows which X-Sheet mode you are in (Add Clones or Slide mode).
  • The white "paper" background can now be changed to light grey, dark grey or black as well.
  • A bug in the Export option "Simple Unbroken Sequence" is fixed.
  • Some PC users couldn't run Animation Paper due to a missing DLL file. This is no longer needed.
  • Also for PC users: In some cases Animation Paper could suddenly stop accepting your license. Now fixed. You might need to input your activation key again.

Some of you are reporting problems with pressure sensitivity not working. This seems to be for various reasons. We will need more time to find a good solution to these problems. Hopefully done in Alpha 3.

Look out for my email next week!


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17 Comments on “Incredible Reception! Thank you! Alpha 2 coming up!”

  1. JalenR11

    Yay! This is exciting news. Hope things continue to work out well for you all and that testing for the other Alphas work well 🙂 Hope to be able to test out the program for the first time for the next release. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication in what you do to create such a wonderful program for animation. Wish you all the best of luck.

  2. Think Fan

    So I have a couple of animations and wanted to post to youtube but can’t because the files are in .ap. in alpha 3 will there be .mp4 or will it be in alpha 4? unless I’m too dumb to find the mp4 option lol it just wasn’t in any guide I watched

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Hi Think Fan. No wonder you can’t find the mp4 option. It isn’t implemented yet 🙂 It will be there, not in alpha 3, but in one of the following alpha releases.

      In the meantime you can export from Animation Paper as a sequence of png’s and convert them to mp4 using other software. There’s plenty to chose from. Or send your .ap files to me, then I can do the conversion. (You can find my email as the sender of your activation key email).

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