Audio is coming in Alpha 3

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We are pressing on and now implementing audio!

Audio features will be the main thing in Alpha 3. We keep it simple: Basically, you import one audio file (like a wav), containing dialogue, music or maybe sound effects. You will be able to adjust where the soundtrack begins, play and scrub with audio and do your animating with perfect audio sync.

Additionally we plan to fix more of the technical issues you have reported. Looking forward to getting it out to you as soon as we are ready in roughly 3 weeks.

Another thing! I have now opened up, so new people, wanting to take Animation Paper for a spin, don't need to wait for the next release. They will now get the latest alpha version immediately when they sign up. Let your animator friends know.

Once again, thank you so much for your steady stream of great questions, comments and excellent suggestions!


25 Comments on “Audio is coming in Alpha 3”

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Hi Zigge,

      Paint bucket tool as well as the rest of the coloring functionality is not done yet. It will come soon in one of the next alpha versions.

      But each layer is color-coded, so in the current alpha 2 you can change your layer color (meaning your drawings and lines you draw in that particular layer) to red. Just click the little “gizmo” at the top of the layer in the X-Sheet and select one of the preset colors. Later you will have custom colors as well.

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Hi Brianna,

      After the release of Alpha 3 (hopefully this coming week) we will start working on all the coloring features. So colors will be pretty soon now. 🙂

      You have to export your animation as png’s first. Then convert your png sequence to some movie format like mp4. Plenty of tools can do this. The mp4 you can upload to you tube.

      Soon we will implement mp4 export in Animation Paper – and we might do some direct to youtube feature as well.

  1. holly short

    i love that audio is coming but when is touch screen is coming? I have the alpha version and it is really great and easy to use but I would love touch screen. Amazing software though

      1. Russ Wielenbeck

        Oooh, touch screen. Hopefully Animation Paper will work well with the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 touchscreen drivers for pan, zoom, and rotate. I’ve had clunky results in other software not recognizing these basic gestures and it kinda forces me to turn touch off since I can’t really use it. While you are at it, two finger tap UNDO for touch screen would be WONDERFUL. I can then repurpose my rocker switch on my Wacom pen for something else.

  2. Sean Lattrell

    Hey Niels
    I am a professional animator (have been for over 20 years.. started way back when we actually used paper). Ive never been more excited about a software release. specifically the addition of the NOTES column.. Im amazed that this is not readily found in most other software . Anyhow.. am I correct to assume that this function is NOT currently active in the Beta? I have been playing around with it it and its glorious… the Notes didn’t seem to be active but wondering if i am simply doing something wrong..
    cheers! and Thank you for your excellent work sir,

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Hi Marco,

      You just go to File -> Import and then choose your audio file (must be mp3 or wav format).

      If you don’t have any frames in your animation yet, then just drag down a bunch of clones, so you get frames. Then you will be able to both hear your audio track and see it as a waveform in the X-sheet.

      Let me know if this helps you or not.


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