Alpha 3 up for grabs

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These minutes, all alpha testers are getting the Animation Paper Alpha 3 download! Refresh your inbox!

It's mainly about audio in this update.

You are now able to import a wav or mp3 file, display it as a waveform alongside your drawings in the X-sheet - and scrub or play your animation with the audio in perfect sync. This means you can time your animation to dialogue, music or any other sound track.

Additionally, we added support for more hardware and graphics - and fixed a few bugs. Animation Paper is now compatible with laptops with touch screens and pens, like the Surface Pro.

Happy Animating! Enjoy! 🙂

If you haven't signed up as an alpha tester yet, it is not too late! Sign up HERE and get this release for free right away.

19 Comments on “Alpha 3 up for grabs”

  1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

    Touch-screen laptop people! If you don’t get pressure sensitivity at first – do this: Find the file “qt.conf” (probably here C:\Program Files\Animation Paper\qt.conf). Delete it or rename it (to save it). Then launch Animation Paper again.

    This will force Animation Paper to use Windows Ink. Later we will do a more elegant check box option. 😉


  2. Niels Krogh Mortensen

    It seems some people on Mac are experiencing a crash (AP exits immediately) when importing a certain kind of wav file. We are on the case and will do a quick update asap. I’ll let you know about it here… Thanks to those who made me aware of it! You’re awesome!

  3. Sean Ebasan

    Great! I use a Macbook and the audio is working fine, but I guess this doesn’t say the same for every Mac users, still though thank you.
    Question: can you customise the input for the shortcut keys or is the given shortcut keys permanent?

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Very good to know Sean. Thanks.

      Keyboard shortcuts will be customisable – we just haven’t gotten to that part yet. 🙂 We will implement this in one of the following alpha releases. But for now, you better get used to these ones. I think the shortcut layout works very well! 😉 Hehe 😀


  4. Roger Scott

    Hi Niels,

    I think I’m missing something. How does the audio scrubbing work? I’ve tried it on an iMac and on a MacBook Pro and can’t figure it out. The sound file plays when I hit the space bar, but doesn’t seem to scrub the audio when I use the right and left arrow keys.

    Great work, really lover the drawing interface.
    All the best

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Hi Roger,

      Thanks 🙂 Using the arrow keys to just flip one frame at a time will not play any audio. That’s on purpose. To scrub you drag the playhead back and forth and this will scrub both the video and the audio.


  5. Nícolas B. Gazin

    I want to report something, one time I open the program and something happened, when I draw something I can only see what I am drawing after I draw, but when i restart the program it became normal again, is this a bug or I accidentaly actived an option for that.

    PS: I’m Latin so my english can be bad, I’m sorry for that.

    1. Niels Krogh Mortensen

      Hi Guillermo, that’s because you actually can’t move it right now. We were supposed to do a slide feature, so you could slide your track up/down, but that got bumped to alpha 4 unfortunately. So it’s not you who can’t find it – it is us still needing to do some work. 🙂

      As a workaround, you could insert some silent space at the beginning of your audio file using a sound editor. Sorry about that.

  6. Israel Garcia

    Hi Niels!!
    The new alpha 3 is awesome !!!
    I have been drawing and animating some basics forms and I want to make a suggestion
    that It could be great add a line drawing tool (with a keyboard shortcut included) so users could animate some geometrics forms.
    I think, Animation paper, is one of the best 2D animation tool that I know

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